Professor Maureen Nic Eoin BA MA PhD ATO

Is a literary scholar Professor Maureen Nic Eoin is especially interested in critical and historical aspect and the sociology of literature studies. She has done original research on the place of women in Irish literary tradition and books and published a critical essays on various aspects of modern Irish literature. Are its most important publications to date are: Regional Literature (celebrating, 1982), Eugene Description: Life and Works (celebrating, 1988), The Kilkenny Irish (Gaeilge Teachers Union, 1993) , Leo seemed Bean: Aspects of Gender Ideology in the Irish Literary Tradition (celebrating, 1998), which won the Irish Times Literary Prize in 1999, and Treun Domain Plot: The Displacement of Irish Culture and Literature (Waterfront Life, 2005) . Studies in the last work that looks at the cultural displacement as background, context and a central theme of the Irish nualitríochta. And the post-colonial teoiricíocht as reference phríomhfhráma her, she explores the cultural consequences of marginalization and mhionlaithe as shown in the literature and critical commentary done to date her. The book was named as the book most influenced the Irish readers from 2000 onwards in a survey conducted by the magazine Cooperation recently.You can read more about the survey here .

On its other works published in recent years is the book On Abroad: Literary Digest Story of Migration ( Discovering-Connaught , 2008), comhshaothar Dr A isling not Donnchadh(Department of Modern Irish, University Ireland, Maynooth ), the collection of essays From Language to Language Acquisition Teaching: Teaching and Learning Irish Third Level (Cois Life, 2009), comhshaothar Dr Regina Fhrighil (Irish Department, National University of Ireland, Galway ). and the poetry collection Relatives Short (Cois Life, 2010), selected poems of contemporary youth themes and family relationships.

There are two main areas of research currently being pursued her: modern literature Irish international contexts, and demonstrate in nuaphrós youth. She was a co-organizer of the international conference ‘Irish Literature around the World: creation, preservation and delivery of texts in international contexts “held in Newman House and St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra from February 20 to 22 in 2014.