Reasons to Learn.Irish

  • the ability to speak Irish opens the door to a substantial body of literature that to a large extent remains undiscovered
  • it is a language in revival, all the way from the the Naíscoil, Gaelscoil and Bunscoil of north Ireland to classes in Montana, Ontario, New York, Canberra and many many other places in between
  • bi-lingualism can improve overall cognitive skills and can help reduce the impact of dementia in old age
  • the myth that you must be born into an Irish speaking family in order to speak Irish properly is no longer accepted with 3rd level courses offered for beginners right up to PhD

Irish Language Courses

We are adding material on an ongoing basis. For detail on courses please see;-
Courses in Ireland  |  Courses Abroad   if you have a Course anywhere in the world  please let us know

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